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Our latest update of Sorius is here, brimming with innovative features for a more intuitive and personalized training experience. Update your app now to enjoy all these exciting new developments and enhance your fitness journey!

🎯 New Personal Objectives 🎖️

Every athlete is unique, and so are your goals. That's why we've enriched our app with new personal objectives. Whether your aim is to improve your endurance, speed, or strength, Sorius now offers even more targeted options to help you achieve your goals in a personalized way.

🛣️ Fundamental Training Choice 🏃‍♀️

For those looking to build a solid foundation, Sorius introduces the option to choose training sessions focused on base training. Whether you are a beginner or seeking a less intensive training method, this feature is ideal for developing strong basic endurance and improving your overall physical condition.

🔄 Tailored Weekly Training Plan 🏋️‍♂️

Sorius simplifies your training planning with the "Generate a Training Week" button. Choose your intensity level - Light, Medium, or Intensive - and the app creates a weekly program that adapts to your training habits and preferences. This is the perfect tool for those looking to optimize their time while staying true to their pace.

🏔️In-Depth Competition Customization 📏

Preparing for a race or a sporting challenge? Sorius now goes the extra mile by allowing you to add crucial details like the distance in kilometers and the positive elevation gain when setting up a competition. This update offers you a more accurate view of your upcoming challenges, enabling better preparation and more precise progress tracking.

Finding the goal of passion that leads you to well-being and self-fulfillment

Motivation, that precious spark that drives us to achieve our goals, often stems from a dream, an ambition, or a deep desire. It's this goal that propels us into action, whether it's to prepare for a sporting competition, improve physical fitness, or simply take care of our health. To succeed, it's essential to choose a goal that resonates with your passion and lifestyle.

The importance of a life goal

A life goal, whether it's a running race, a cycling competition, or simply practicing for your health, is a powerful driver to stay engaged and motivated. It gives meaning to your efforts, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and encourages you to meet challenges with determination.

However, finding the right goal is not always easy. It must be tailored to you, your needs, your abilities, and your passion. For some, it might be finishing a 5 km run without stopping, while others may aim to complete a stage of the Tour de France. There is no right or wrong ambition, as long as it inspires you.

A tailored support

While experienced athletes often have a head start in terms of knowledge and skills, they also have their challenges. Technical terms like "VO2 Max", "wattage output", or using complex connected tools can quickly become daunting, even for experts. They might feel guilty if they miss a session or don't follow a pre-established program to the letter.

This problem is even more pressing for the millions of people who are not seasoned athletes, but who aspire to be fit and healthy. They need support that matches their level, that is understandable, and that is designed to foster enjoyment in sports practice.

The solution: a goal tailored to you with the right support

To meet this challenge, it's time to set aside complicated mathematical calculations and focus on passion and well-being. The goal is to make sports a pleasure integrated into your daily routine, with appropriate monitoring and support.

It's important to demystify the technicality of sport and create simple, accessible training programs based on intuitive understanding. It's not about following a preset plan to the letter, but about having fun, progressing at your own pace, and enjoying each session.

Sorius' approach embodies this philosophy. It involves defining a goal that suits you, providing tailored support, and helping you move forward without guilt. The goal is not to follow numbers, but to live your passion with a smile.

It's time to make sports an ally of your well-being, your pleasure, and your fulfillment. Find the goal that makes you excited, choose tailored support, and embark on the path to personal satisfaction, enjoying every step of your journey.


Your source of motivation comes from your goal of passion or life. Find the one that suits you, adapt your journey to your level, and make sports a pleasure. With a goal tailored to you and the right support, you move forward with a smile, and nothing can stop you.

Photo ER /Gian Mattia D’Alberto/LaPresse

Thibaut Pinot, a name that has brightened French cycling with his exceptional talent. From the beginning, it was clear he was destined to make history in cycling, and he did it in his own unique way. A prodigy on the roads, he held within him incredible potential for great victories, whether it be at the Tour de France or the Giro. Despite challenges and ups and downs, we have seen the light of a true champion shine in Thibaut.

His body was that of a true champion, graceful and energetic, ready to conquer mountains and dominate competitions. However, his mind sometimes sought clarity, looking to align his ambitions and priorities. He was a man with diverse dreams, juggling between his passion for cycling and other interests that captivated him just as much.

In 2015, he faced a critical mental turning point. The choices he made reflected his determination to follow his own path, even if it diverged from conventional suggestions. Opting for the FDJ team, he followed his instinct and chose a less-trodden path, favoring harmony and stability in his team.

Marc Madiot, the mentor of the FDJ team, played a pivotal role in creating the "Thibaut Pinot brand." The genuine emotions he expressed on and off the bike captivated fans and added a fascinating dimension to his story. His love for football, his passion for animals and fishing made him a multi-faceted champion, reflecting his unique personality.

Despite moments of doubt and uncertainty, Thibaut Pinot has left an indelible mark in the world of cycling. His journey may not be what everyone expected, but he has carved his own path with honesty and authenticity. He remains a champion in our hearts, with a journey that reflects his true essence. Farewell, dear champion, and thank you for the inspiring moments you have given us.

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