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Sunset Run

Evolve at your own pace with Sorius

The Sorius app guides you in your physical activity by offering exercises that evolve based on your feelings, while instantly adapting to your daily life so you never lose track of your program.


Sorius adapts to you!

Get into the swing of things with Sorius for physical activity that's tailored to your needs. Whether you're a keen cyclist, runner or do other sporting activities, we're here to support you. Our programme adapts to your schedule, giving you a uniquely personalised workout.


Each session is an opportunity to listen and adjust


We assess how you feel and the level of difficulty after each session, ensuring that your progress is tailored to your level. Our flexible system allows for instant adjustments in the event of unforeseen circumstances, ensuring you never lose your rhythm.



Incorporating a variety of activities, we take into account all your sporting preferences. With weekly advice, we help you monitor and track your progress, motivating you every step of the way towards a more active and healthy lifestyle.

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Users review

Our memberships


15,90€ per month

  • Tailored training plans to suit your goals and availability.

  • Flexible schedule to fit in with your daily life.

  • Strava integration to synchronize your cycling sessions.

  • E-mail support for all your questions.


45,90€ per month

Standard offer +

  • Priority support via chat and e-mail.

  • Coming soon for the premium subscription:

    • Training sessions exported to Garmin ​

    • Premium annual subscription can be paused for up to 8 weeks 

    • Possibility of declaring several activities for a single training day

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