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Thibaut Pinot: When Talent Meets True Self

Photo ER /Gian Mattia D’Alberto/LaPresse

Thibaut Pinot, a name that has brightened French cycling with his exceptional talent. From the beginning, it was clear he was destined to make history in cycling, and he did it in his own unique way. A prodigy on the roads, he held within him incredible potential for great victories, whether it be at the Tour de France or the Giro. Despite challenges and ups and downs, we have seen the light of a true champion shine in Thibaut.

His body was that of a true champion, graceful and energetic, ready to conquer mountains and dominate competitions. However, his mind sometimes sought clarity, looking to align his ambitions and priorities. He was a man with diverse dreams, juggling between his passion for cycling and other interests that captivated him just as much.

In 2015, he faced a critical mental turning point. The choices he made reflected his determination to follow his own path, even if it diverged from conventional suggestions. Opting for the FDJ team, he followed his instinct and chose a less-trodden path, favoring harmony and stability in his team.

Marc Madiot, the mentor of the FDJ team, played a pivotal role in creating the "Thibaut Pinot brand." The genuine emotions he expressed on and off the bike captivated fans and added a fascinating dimension to his story. His love for football, his passion for animals and fishing made him a multi-faceted champion, reflecting his unique personality.

Despite moments of doubt and uncertainty, Thibaut Pinot has left an indelible mark in the world of cycling. His journey may not be what everyone expected, but he has carved his own path with honesty and authenticity. He remains a champion in our hearts, with a journey that reflects his true essence. Farewell, dear champion, and thank you for the inspiring moments you have given us.

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