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Sorius follows you on your platform

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The functionalities of your Sorius tool

Sorius coaching is based on a unique method that studies your feelings in order to improve your performance.

A schedule to follow your training sessions

Your training schedule in your diary, week by week, to give you an overall view of your activity sessions.

Sorius offers a variety of basic and specific exercises according to your cycling practice, the training sessions are adapted to your needs with a maximum of consistency and precision.

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Become an actor in your planning

By being consistent with your feedback and the level of difficulty you feel during your training sessions, you can plan your progress to the millimeter.

The Sorius technology has the ability to record and interpret instantly all the information you bring into the platform, allowing you to conceptualize your training and define your performance biorhythms.

Your biorhythms at the heart of your program

Biorhythms of life are biological and seasonal rhythms that vary over the course of a year, mainly influenced by the changing seasons.

Each person reacts differently, hence the importance of being aware of your sensations in order to identify your favorable performance periods and define your main objective.

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A common objective

By selecting your personal goal or by integrating your competition goal, Sorius determines the ideal coaching program.

A goal is a training program that is adapted to it. Our method focuses on the characteristics to be worked on during the activity sessions in order to achieve it.

Integration of your Strava sessions

You are already subscribed to the Strava tracking application?

Connect your account with Sorius to allow us to analyze all your sports sessions.

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Les engagements qui font la différence


A unique training method

Thousands of cyclists are already using the Sorius method to improve their levels of cycling

Join a community

Share a philosophy refocused on people, far from the dictatorship of numbers


Solidarity projects

Participate in the development of cycling by supporting solidarity projects


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